Letitia VanSant

Letitia VanSant

Singer-songwriter based in Baltimore, MD.


"...a consummate reflection of a rising Americana star."
“...one of Baltimore’s best folk/Americana songwriters.”
--- Bmore Art
"...the Joan Baez of Baltimore."

--Baltimore Magazine
"I think Letitia VanSant is going to have on of the best records of 2018. ...it taps into the intimacy of her voice and the shimmering power that she has. Really, a Baltimore treasure."

--Josh Kohn, Performance Director of the Creative Alliance
"Letitia has an instantly recognizable voice that is a mix of earnestness, sincerity, wisdom. Her music is socially conscious, but also very catchy." 

-Sam Sessa, 89.7 WTMD
"...VanSant offers up a most impressive entry with "Gut It to the Studs," an album offering up her readily engaging melodies in ways that all but assure an immediate embrace...the clarity, grace and beauty she conveys are complemented by lyrics that reflect a deep sense of cause and commitment."

-- Lee Zimmerman, Country Standard Time
"There’s a subtle depth to this new album by Letitia VanSant...these songs are so much more than just pretty melodies and honey-coated harmonies. Whether it’s expressing a personal journey or a political one, this third record is a coming-of-age moment for the Baltimore singer-songwriter...Her mellifluous voice stands bright and dynamic as ever, as does her vivid, masterful storytelling...VanSant embraces the power of her own emotions, asks the important, at-times difficult questions, and reveals an unshakeable artist who knows exactly where she wants to go."
--Baltimore Magazine
"Letitia VanSant‘s soothing and melodious voice shines in her folk-Americana music. Her observant songwriting focuses on stories of people, and her melodies are earnest and beautiful." 
--- Culture Trip
"Letitia VanSant's honey-kissed voice embodies a rare earnestness and empathy. But behind the pleasantness is a protest singer with a keen power of observation."

--- Erik Deatherage, Prairie Public Broadcasting
“VanSant does country-flavored Americana with a voice that will melt you.”
--- Audio Didactic
  • 2017 Kerrville New Folk Winner
  • 2017 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist
  • 2017 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest 1st Alternate
  • One of Baltimore' Sun's "30 Songs that Defined 2017"
  • 2016 Winner of the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest (Folk)
  • Culture Trip Top 8 Up-and-Coming DC Musicians to follow
  • Listeners of 89.7 WTMD voted "Rising Tide" among the top 10 songs of the year